Mar 12


Le Grand-Bornand, Haute-Savoie, France 45º57’28″N 6º25’38″E

With this series we temporarily set aside the speed of carbon fiber man-made machines and the indecision of the rough seas, turning our focus to the serene and still natural beauty found in the winter landscape of snow and ice. Here we see the white blanket of the season enveloping Le Grand-Bornand commune in Haute-Savoie, France, it’s cold layers providing a wealth of frozen visuals from both sides of the lens. The temperate chill in this gallery gives us a beautiful organic illustration of high contrast, as the comfort and familiar warmth of color is all but covered, transforming our surroundings into a quick study of monochromatic scenes and textures. The ability to capture moving water in it’s state of suspended animation is always exciting and intriguing… a special little gift from nature given for the pleasure of every photographer. As if frozen in time, these images evoke a silent and unique emotion all their own where each stolen moment is paused and immortalized.

Words: Fred Eagle