Jun 09

Oro Bay

New Caledonia 22º35’99″S 167º31’67″E


Water view of the beautiful natural swimming pool out of the coral limestone surrounded by Araucaria pines. Reached by sea on foot along a small narrow path and truly out of this world, Oro Bay boasts two superb beaches of incredibly fine white sand, crystal water. Eighty kilometres south-east of Noumea lies the enchanting Isle of Pines (14 km wide, 18 km long) a place where time seems to stand still in an idyllic setting of white beaches under swaying palms and soaring Araucaria pines.”Kunié “, as it is still called by the inhabitants, is as beautiful under water as it is on land and a favourite spot for divers.The Isle of Pines (French: Île des Pins; Kanak name: Kunyié) is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, in the archipelago of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France. The island is part of the commune (municipality) of L’Île-des-Pins, in the South Province of New Caledonia. The Isle of Pines is often nicknamed l’île la plus proche du paradis (“the closest island to Paradise”).