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Mar 17

Winter Surf

Le Loch, Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º45’16″N 03º30'53″W

The regularity and beauty of the waves at Le Loch beach have made this a hot spot for surfers.The regularity and beauty of the waves at Le Loch beach have made this a hot spot for surfers.

Feb 16

Storm Imogen

Iroise Sea, Brittany, France 48º32’35″N 04º45'07″W

Brittany West Coast battered by Storm Imogen, France.
Stroll between Le Conquet and Roscoff on the Brittany West coast battered by storm Imogen.Brittany West Coast battered by Storm Imogen, France.

Jul 13

Summer Storm

Marseille, France 43º17’09″N 5º20’54″E

Marseille. France.

Dec 09

Sydney Opera House

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 33º51’87″S 151º12’47″E

Sydney Opera House, Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 1957 to 1973
Building Type: opera house
Construction System: tile-clad concrete and precast concrete
Climate: temperate
Context: urban waterfront
Style: Expressionist Modern
Notes: Great stairway, family of forms in spherical section roofs, pure curving shapes that across the harbor in great heroic harmony

Sep 09

Sydney Sand Storm

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 33º51’63″S 151º12’50″E

Apocalyptic vision of Sydney, shrouded in red dust blown in by winds from the deserts of the outback.
Sydneysiders woke to a red dawn this morning as a thick dust storm caused havoc with transport and raised health fears.
The size of the dust cloud surprised weather experts, who say it has covered half of NSW.

Jun 09

Middleton Reef

Tasman Sea, Australia 29º26’52″S 159º05’01″E

Shipwrecks aground on Middleton Reef.
Middleton Reef is a coral reef in the Tasman Sea. It is separated by a deep oceanic pass some 45 km wide from nearby Elizabeth Reef, forming part of the Lord Howe Rise underwater plateau. Middleton Reef is around 220 km from Lord Howe Island and 555 km from the coast of New South Wales. In 1997 the Environment, Sport and Territories Legislation Amendment Bill 1996 included Middelton Reef in Australia’s Coral Sea Islands Territory.This island is included also in Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs
Middleton Reef is a platform reef and is among the southernmost platform reefs in the world. However, despite its relatively high latitude, a wide variety of flora and fauna exists both on the island and in the surrounding waters. This is due to its location where tropical and temperate ocean currents converge.
Middleton reef is about 8.9 km long by 6.3 km wide and is usually submerged. However, at low tide most of the reef flat is exposed. At high tide only one cay on the reef is visible, at one metre above sea level. The cay is called The Sound and is 100 m by 70 m.
The reefs form the Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs Marine National Park Reserve managed by the Government of Australia under the Natural Heritage Trust.
Surveys by the Australian Institute of Marine Science have highlighted healthy number of Black Cod Epinephelus daemelii which is now a threatened species in NSW waters. The survey in 2003 highlighted some 111 species of coral and at the same time identified 181 species of fish. The total number of recorded fish species on the reef is 311 across several surveys. High numbers of Galapagos sharks Carcharhinus galapagensis were observed at Elizabeth Reef.