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Jun 17

The Queen Mary 2 passing Groix Island

Kerroch, Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º40’10″N 03º31'02″W

The Queen Mary 2 passing Groix Island, on her way to Saint Nazaire for the start of the centennial Transat "The Bridge 2017", a historic transatlantic race between her and a fleet of giant trimarans. The Queen Mary 2 passing Groix Island, on her way to Saint Nazaire for the start of the centennial Transat “The Bridge 2017″, a historic transatlantic race between her and a fleet of giant trimarans.

May 15


Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France 43º12'39″N 5º26'46″E

Stroll, Stand Up Paddle, and sip Along the Marseille Calanques.

Stroll, Stand Up Paddle, and sip along the Marseille Calanques.

Dec 12




Aug 12


Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, 41º05’07″N 9º34’50″E

The NACIRA 67 is a unique concept directly inspired from the latest evolutions in naval architecture and luxury design from the ocean-racing scene.
To make this happen highly experienced personalities such as Michel Desjoyeaux (twice Vendée Globe winner), young and talented French designers Axel de Beaufort and Michel Kermarec (one of the best aero-hydro dynamists worldwide) have worked hand in hand since 2010 to end up with this amazing sloop.
​NACIRA 67, looking at the ratio, is the most powerful leisure yacht worldwide able to reach speeds in excess of 30 knots with a sea view from the dinner table on the cruising version… a new sailing life style!

Oct 11

Nacira 67

Mediterranean Sea 42°46'87"N 7°13'89"W

Nacira 67 designed by Axel de Beaufort.
The result is a wide planning hull shape equipped with a canting keel, twin rudder direction system and a 30 m high rotating wing-mast, full carbon standing rigging, auto-orientative daggerboard.

- L.O.A : 22,40m
- Max Beam : 5,85m
- Draft 3,50m
- Sail Area Max :
Upwind : 280m2
Downwind : 600m2
- Weight : 18,5 T

Mast & Boom : Lorima
Sails : North Sails
Standing Rigging : Carbo Link

Jul 09

Japanese Zero

Deboyne Island, louisiade Archipalego, Papua New Guinea 10º43’69″S 152º23’70″E

On May 8, 1942 one A6M2 Zero piloted by PO2c Okura Shigeru from the 14th Shotai from the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku ditched at Deboyne islands. Japanese A6M2 Zero, the main fighter plane of the Imperial Japanese Navy,this Japanese fighter plane, once a master of the air in the South Pacific arena, now lies on the sandy bottom.  This is an example of the very last zero model ever manufactured.  Virtually intact, divers can sit in the cockpit and pilot themselves back into the past… I did it!

Jul 09

Panasia Island

Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea 11º08’10″S 152º20’84″E


Panasia is a spectacular island of uplifted coral reef making jagged limestone cliffs in the Louisiade Archipelago.
The Louisiade Archipelago is a string of ten larger volcanic islands frequently fringed by coral reefs, and 90 smaller coral islands located 200 km southeast of New Guinea, stretching over more than 160 km and spread over an ocean area of 26,000 km between the Solomon Sea to the north and the Coral Sea to the south.

Local elderly woman with a stick in a fishermen village at Panasia Island.

Jul 09

Catch of the day

Louisiade Archipalego, Papua New Guinea 11º08’80″S 152º41’64″E


“Pacific Natives may appear to some to be the most wretched people upon Earth, but in reality they are far more happier than we Europeans; being wholly unacquainted not only with the superfluous but the necessary Conveniences so much sought after in Europe, they are happier in not knowing them. They live in a Tranquillity which is not disturbed by the Inequality of Conditions. The Earth and Sea of their own accord furnishes them with all things necessary for life, they covet not Magnificent House, Household-stuff &c, they live in a warm and fine Climate and enjoy a very wholesome Air, so that they have very little need of Clothing and this they seem to be very sensible of, for many of whom we gave Cloth &c to, left it carelessly upon the Sea beach and in the Woods as a thing they had no manner of use for. In short they seem’d to set no Value upon anything of their own for any one article we could offer them; this in my opinion argues that they think themselves provided with all the necessary’s of life and that they have no superfluities.”

James Cook (October 27, 1728 – February 14, 1779) was a British explorer and navigator. He made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, in which its main shorelines were discovered.
Captain Cook’s Journal during his first voyage round the world made in H.M. Bark “Endeavour” 1768-71

Nothing’s changed since…

Jul 09

Papuan Canoe

Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea 11º15’56″S 153º12’35″E


In Papua New Guinea, a canoe is like a car; it provides transportation and more. Canoes are traditionally decorated with clan symbols and other emblems of power to insure speed and success. A canoe with a beautiful prow has status and power. Childrens on a outrigger canoe in the village of Hessessai Bay at PanaTinai (Panatinane) island in the Louisiade Archipelago in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

Jun 09

Catamaran Aground

Prony Bay, New Caledonia 22°22'50"S 166°54'90"E

Oups!! Early in the morning a 60 feet catamaran Ginninderra run aground on a reef at Prony Bay situated in the South of New Caledonia, between the Havannah and Woodin canals, which separate it from Ile Ouen.