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May 19


Bordeaux, Gironde, France 44º50’29″N 0º34'08″W

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne in the Gironde department in Southwestern France.<br />
It is the capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, as well as the prefecture of the Gironde department.Stroll the most graceful streets in France, eat well, drink better and then have the liveliest possible time in a city lately in touch with its Latin side. .
The centre had a grandiose 18th-century harmony unmatched in Europe. It seemed quite possible that the French Revolution never made it this far. Poor people looked rich and rich people didn’t look at all. But the city felt haughty and aloof. It had also grown shabby round the edges. No longer. Bordeaux has had the renovators in with a vengeance – restoring noble façades, installing trams and reclaiming from dereliction the vast swathe of riverbank. There are few more graceful urban sights in France than the miroir-d’eau reflecting the splendid Palais-de-la-Bourse.

Nov 16


Finistère, Brittany, France 48º02’26″N 04º44'00″W

The Phare d'Eckmühl, also known as Point Penmarc'h Light or Saint-Pierre Light, is an active lighthouse in Penmarc'h, Finistère department, Brittany, France.

May 16

Loick Peyron & Pen Duick II

Le Pouliguen, France 47º16’28″N 2º25’28″W

Loick Peyron back to Le Pouliguen on Pen Duick II after he had retired from the Transat Bakerly.Loick Peyron back to Le Pouliguen on Pen Duick II after he had retired from the Transat Bakerly.

May 16

Low Tide

Morbihan Gulf, Brittany, France 47º36’44″N 02º50'21″W

Gulf of Morbihan at low tide Morbihan, France.

Mar 16


Bilbao, Spain 42º16’08″N 2º55'55″W

Bilbao during the Sail In Festival, Bilbao<br />
is a municipality and city in Spain in the province of Biscay in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

Feb 16

Storm Imogen

Iroise Sea, Brittany, France 48º32’35″N 04º45'07″W

Brittany West Coast battered by Storm Imogen, France.
Stroll between Le Conquet and Roscoff on the Brittany West coast battered by storm Imogen.Brittany West Coast battered by Storm Imogen, France.

Jan 16

Belle Île en Mer

Belle Île en Mer, Brittany, France 47º20’52″N 03º09'11″W

Belle-Île-en-Mer, is a French island off the coast of Brittany in the département of Morbihan, and the largest of Brittany's islands.
Le Palais.

Dec 15

Lac de Guerlédan, Drained!

Lac de Guerlédan, Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France 48º12’22″N 03º03'42″W

The Lac de Guerlédan is to be drained between April and November 2015.<br />
The Lac de Guerledan is the largest lake in Brittany – it’s an artificial lake and was first flooded around 1930 for electricity production and fresh water supply. In the past itLake Guerlédan is an artificial lake in the centre of Brittany, France. It extends across the borders of the departments of Morbihan and Côtes-d’Armor,.
This Lake was created to power the dam of Guerlédan. Construction took seven years from 1923 to 1930, and encountered many geological, technical and financial difficulties. The creation of the lake and especially that of the dam cut the through the Nantes-Brest canal which from this location, followed the course of the river Blavet. Seventeen of the old locks on the canal were submerged in the Lake. the Lake was regularly drained for repair, the last time being between April and November 2015, revealing a hidden landscape of submerged locks and buildings.

May 15

Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan

Golfe du Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º34’42″N 2º46’38″W

Onboard the Belouga “Gwenva” during the “ Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan”.

Onboard the Bélouga “Gwenva” during the “ Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan”.

The “Semaine du Golfe” (Gulf’s Week) in Morbihan, the 8th “rendez-vous” for the sailing maritime heritage.
Once again, the Gulf gathering boats of every size and every tradition: sail&oar craft, small “camp cruising” boats, classic yachts, fishing boats, classic motorboats… Most of them are coming from the French Atlantic coasts, but also, from The British Islands, the North Sea, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean…
The Gulf of Morbihan is a true inland ‘little sea’ composed of 12 000 hectares of Atlantic sea sheltered from swell. A magical place where sea, land & sky melt in changing & picturesque landscapes. The Morbihan Gulf is part of the World Most Beautiful Bays Club.
In breton language, « Mor-Bihan » means ‘little sea’. Thousands of years ago, when rivers had already dug their beds, they were deluged by Atlantic waters. This is why the Ocean goes so far inland towards Vannes & Auray through typically Breton rias, surrounding former hills which have turned into an archipelago of uncountable islands, the biggest being the Ile d’Arz & the Ile aux Moines.

May 15


Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France 43º12'39″N 5º26'46″E

Stroll, Stand Up Paddle, and sip Along the Marseille Calanques.

Stroll, Stand Up Paddle, and sip along the Marseille Calanques.