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May 13


San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip, California, United States of America

Road trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, United States of AmericaAmerica has always been linked with the car and this drive, in the Golden State, links two of the US’s best loved cities. Highway 1 stretches along the Californian coast, and the section between San Francisco and Los Angeles is a decidedly cool trip.

Dec 11

Costa Rica

9°44'60"N 82°49'52"W


The first European explorer to encounter Costa Rica was the Great Navigator himself, Christopher Columbus. The day was September 18, 1502, and Columbus was making his fourth and final voyage to the New World. As he was setting anchor off shore, a crowd of local Carib Indians paddled out in canoes and greeted his crew warmly. Later, the golden bands that the region’s inhabitants wore in their noses and ears would inspire the Spaniard Gil Gonzalez Davila to name the country Costa Rica, or Rich Coast.