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May 17

Maxi Trimaran Sodebo Ultim

Lorient, Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º43’42″N 03º22'16″W

Relaunched of the 31m maxi trimaran Sodebo Ultim’, skipper Thomas Coville (FRA)  who has successfully broken the solo round the world record, completing the 28400 nm route in 49 days 3 hours 7 minutes and 38 seconds.Relaunched of the 31m maxi trimaran Sodebo Ultim.

Mar 17

MACIF Trimaran re launched

Lorient, Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º43’40″N 03º22'09″W

French sailor François Gabart and his 100ft trimaran MACIF designed by the VPLP design team, this 30-metre wide, 21 metre wide boat has been designed for solo sailing. A light boat (14.5 tonnes) with very fine hulls.The MACIF trimaran returned to sea on Wednesday 8 March, after a 4-month winter refit. In addition to checking all the parts of the boat, it mainly involved improving ergonomics. The most visible area of work carried out by the technical team focused on completely protecting the cockpit.

Being able to sail safely in dry surroundings is essential for the first single-handed round the world, which Francois Gabart is preparing to sail towards the end of the year. “Last year, we partially closed-off the cockpit. We have taken this idea further this year, with a porthole and composite bulkhead system that provides the helmsman with better. The cockpit is now completely closed. I want to be able to pilot the boat without worrying about my own safety”, explains Francois, who is satisfied with the result. This new feature must now be tested at sea!

Although the single-handed round the world record attempt is the main goal this season, Francois Gabart and Macif are also preparing for The Bridge. This race with crew will see four maxi-trimarans (Actual, Idec Sport, MACIF and Sodebo) race alongside the giant Queen Mary 2 liner, between St. Nazaire and New York (start 25 June). “The line-up will be splendid. We will be racing against Idec, which has just sailed round the world in 41 days with crew, and Sodebo, which did it in 49 days single-handed – two boats that have left their hallmark on the history of sailing”, says Francois gleefully.

For the MACIF skipper this Transat will be a new chance to further his knowledge of his 30 metre trimaran. “Right from the start, with Macif, I’ve had the following approach: each racing event serves as preparation for the next. The Bridge will prepare our round the world, which in turn will prepare the Route du Rhum 2018. Our dynamic is always to learn more and perform through progress. We do this to balance out the short-term and the long-term.”

Sep 14


Lorient, Morbihan, Brittany, France 47º40’35″N 03º23'40″W

Loick Peyron onboard the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII in preparation for "La Route du Rhum".

Blue Is The New Yellow

Furthering his reputation as Mr. Multihull, Loick Peyron made a drastic change in plans for the 2014 Route du Rhum last week, switching gears from driving his Rhum Class ‘p’ti yellow’ 30′ Walter Greene designed wood trimaran with only a sextant, to helming the massive Ultime Class ‘big blue’ 100′ Banque Populaire VII maxi-trimaran, a VPLP carbon fiber designed monster outfitted with the latest technology. A difficult decision for sure, but trading up from the yellow Happy project to the impressive blue BP7 is a clear choice from a competitive racer’s perspective with Loick’s pedigree. Always looking to challenge his abilities and push it to the limits, winning the Route du Rhum has been on his bucket list for many years. So here we have the lethal combination of the best boat and the best man for the job. For the 2014 edition, Banque Populaire and Loick Peyron are a force to be reckoned with.

Words: Fred Eagle

Photo assignment for Banque Populaire.

Loick Peyron onboard the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII in preparation for "La Route du Rhum".


Jun 14

Armel Le Cléac’h and the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII in New York City

New York, NY, United States of America. 40º41’36″N 74º01'46″W


Armel Le Cléac’h and the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII on stand by for the multihull North Atlantic solo record attempt, New York City,  United States of America.

“Sometimes, from beyond the skycrapers, the cry of a tugboat finds you in your insomnia, and you remember that this desert of iron and cement is an island.”
Albert Camus

Photo assignment for Banque Populaire.

Jan 14




Sep 13

Armel Le Cléac’h and the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII

Marseille, France 43º17’13″N 5º20’02″E

Armel Le Cléac’h and the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII Trans at the start of the record attempt  Marseille – Carthage.Armel Le Cléac’h and the Maxi Trimaran Solo Banque Populaire VII before at the start of the TransMed record attempt which they just set in 18h 58min & 13sec, beating Thomas Coville’s time onboard Sodebo in the first solo multihull record time of the so called TransMed route between Marseille (France) and Carthage (Tunisia) of 25 hours 36 minutes and 36 seconds.

Photo assignment for Banque Populaire.

Dec 12

Helly Hansen


Sep 12

Thomas Coville & SODEBO

Marseille, France 43º15’16″N 5º17’46″W

“Ground Control To Major Tom …”
With barely enough time for the average astronaut to recover from the impressive round-the-world victory onboard Groupama70 in the Volvo Ocean Race, capitaine Thomas Coville is recharged and at it again onboard his faithful red Sodeb’o maxi-trimaran. The weeks ahead will see the Sodeb’o seacraft slicing through the ocean at full kip chasing new reference times to add to her impressive stable. First on the agenda, Thomas and his machine are attempting the singlehanded multihull TransMed record which is currently held by Pascal Bidegorry at the helm of Banque Populaire V. This attempt will be followed directly by the solo multihull Cadiz-San Salvador passage, a speed record quite familiar in the Sodeb’o universe seeing as Thomas has held the best time from 2005-2008. He would like nothing more than to reclaim this record from Francis Joyon before the close of 2012. We wish Thomas and the team only the best wind and waves for this ambitious program.
As is evident in this latest gallery of training and stress-tests, Thomas and the Sodeb’o spacecraft are well dialed in and up for the challenge… no matter what the atmosphere.
Blast Off sequence commencing in 10…9….8……
Words: Fred Eagle

Transmed Records:
Multihull Record fully-crewed : 14 hours 20 minutes and 34 seconds (May 2010)
Multihull Record holder: Pascal Bidégorry (France) sailing Banque Populaire V
Monohull Record singlehanded: 1 day 21 hours 20 minutes and 29 seconds (June 2009)
Monohull Record Holder: Kito de Pavant (France) sailing Groupe Bel

Jul 11

Sodebo the Razors Edge

Saint Philibert, Brittany, France 47º34’26″N 3º00’24″W

Another surreal view from the lens of Christophe Launay, this time from the Sodeb’O shed in La Trinité, where the big trimaran is being cleaned up and mothballed until Thomas Coville gets back from his Volvo Ocean Race campaign aboard Franck Cammas’ Team Groupama.
Meanwhile, Francis Joyon, Coville’s nemesis in the record-breaking game, is on standby with IDEC in Brooklyn, NY, readying for his chance to crush Coville’s solo transatlantic record of 5 days, 19 hours, 29 minutes and 20 seconds.  For comparison’s sake, Rambler 100, the most powerful and modern of racing monohulls, just had a brilliant crossing last week of 6 days, 22 hours, with about 20 more mouths to feed than Joyon…
Words: Alan Block

Mar 11

Sodebo, Thomas Coville Arrival

La Trinité sur Mer, Brittany, France 47º33’78″N 3º00’85″W

Christophe Launay was on hand to catch some memorable shots of poor Thomas Coville after his third attempt at the solo RTW record in three years fell short. “Valiant Tom” and Sodeb’O were beaten first by a damaged ama, but ultimately by an uncooperative North Atlantic. Given his clear love for the massive challenge he faces at beating the near-perfect run Francis Joyon put together to get the record, we hope to see him try again next year. BRAVO Thomas!!
Words: Alan Block