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Jul 13

Summer Storm

Marseille, France 43º17’09″N 5º20’54″E

Marseille. France.

Jan 13



Thank you to every one for an incredible run, you rock my world and I sincerely wish you all the happiness and success that life can bring in 2013!


Sep 12

Onboard the MOD 70 Race for Water during the European Tour.

Marseille, France 43º15’16″N 5º19’17″E

Onboard the MOD70 Race for Water, during a training session before the Marseille City Race, part of the MOD 70 European Tour, skipper Steve Ravussin.

Sep 12

Thomas Coville & SODEBO

Marseille, France 43º15’16″N 5º17’46″W

“Ground Control To Major Tom …”
With barely enough time for the average astronaut to recover from the impressive round-the-world victory onboard Groupama70 in the Volvo Ocean Race, capitaine Thomas Coville is recharged and at it again onboard his faithful red Sodeb’o maxi-trimaran. The weeks ahead will see the Sodeb’o seacraft slicing through the ocean at full kip chasing new reference times to add to her impressive stable. First on the agenda, Thomas and his machine are attempting the singlehanded multihull TransMed record which is currently held by Pascal Bidegorry at the helm of Banque Populaire V. This attempt will be followed directly by the solo multihull Cadiz-San Salvador passage, a speed record quite familiar in the Sodeb’o universe seeing as Thomas has held the best time from 2005-2008. He would like nothing more than to reclaim this record from Francis Joyon before the close of 2012. We wish Thomas and the team only the best wind and waves for this ambitious program.
As is evident in this latest gallery of training and stress-tests, Thomas and the Sodeb’o spacecraft are well dialed in and up for the challenge… no matter what the atmosphere.
Blast Off sequence commencing in 10…9….8……
Words: Fred Eagle

Transmed Records:
Multihull Record fully-crewed : 14 hours 20 minutes and 34 seconds (May 2010)
Multihull Record holder: Pascal Bidégorry (France) sailing Banque Populaire V
Monohull Record singlehanded: 1 day 21 hours 20 minutes and 29 seconds (June 2009)
Monohull Record Holder: Kito de Pavant (France) sailing Groupe Bel

Mar 12

Marseille Marathon 2012

Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France 43º17’04″N 5º20’59″E

“Pain is temporary, pride is forever!”

The fourth Marseille Marathon under the sign of festivity and popularity since its first edition, with a new event this year the Marseille Marathon Ladies.

Jan 12


Vallon des Auffes, Marseille, France 43º17’21″N 5º21’79″E

 Perched on rocks by the Mediterranean, with the Chateau d’If on view.